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 Wendy's New Construction RESTAURANT CONSTRUCTION: Since 1989, BAR-LIN Construction, LLC has proven to be an industry leader in restaurant construction throughout Maryland and surrounding areas. Our clients include McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Wendy’s, Panda Express, and other well-established and recognized franchises. From restaurant remodels and renovations to new construction, BAR-LIN Construction, LLC. is the choice for those new in the business and for seasoned veterans. Our best recommendation is that our clients return, time after time, to hire BAR-LIN Construction, LLC for all of their construction needs.

COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION: In addition to building new restaurants and renovating and remodeling existing restaurants, BAR-LIN Construction, LLC is fully versed in the special needs of other commercial construction applications. Whether you’re preparing to build a new furniture store, a regional strip center, or simply remodel your existing clothing boutique, BAR-LIN Construction, LLC is experienced in all types of commercial construction.

CVS Drug Store New ConstructionRESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION: BAR-LIN Construction, LLC is not only the right choice for commercial and restaurant construction, but also an excellent choice for all of your residential construction needs. Whether you’re renovating your entire home, building an addition or deck, or have a smaller project you need completed, BAR-LIN Construction, LLC has the construction expertise needed to complete the job effectively and efficiently. MHIC License 4152932.

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